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Ready to take your weekend run up a notch? Or up a mountain?

Summit some of the Bay Area’s toughest peaks with Scena Performance’s 2016 Vertical Challenge Series, where there is no easy way out. Or up.

Every course in Scena Performance’s Vertical Challenge Series seeks out the most quad-busting, calf-burning, lung-searing route to the top, challenging you to test your grit on some pretty gnarly technical terrain. And rewards? Yeah, you’ll get rewards- in exhilarating descents, power snacks and recovery fuel at the finish, and bragging rights that you made it to the top. Oh, and runners who complete the entire series will earn their very own custom Scena Performance Vertical Challenge Survivor Award. Wait….do people still say gnarly?

2016 Vertical Challenge Events

Date Event Location
May 1

Hood Mountain

Santa Rosa, CA
July 16

El Cerrito Hillside

El Cerrito, CA
September 17

Mount Diablo

Clayton, CA
October 23

Vollmer Peak

Berkeley, CA