NEW IN 2018! We start and finish in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Updated 8/24/2018

The maps below and the turn-by-turn instructions describe Sugarhood 2018! Elevation profile to come.

Click here for a pdf download: Sugarhood maps and turn by turn














Map 1. Click to enlage and print
















Map 2. Click to enlage and print


Turn-By-Turn Instructions


See Map 1

  • Leave Camping Loop, bearing right on road.
  • Stay left on Stern Trail.
  • Turn right towards Ferguson Observatory.
  • Soft Left to Meadow Trail.
  • Left onto Gray Pine Trail.
  • Stay Left on Gray Pine at intersection with Brushy Peaks Trail.
  • Turn hard right onto High Ridges.
  • Proceed Old Red Barn Aid Station.


Enter Old Red Barn Aid


  • Leave Old Red Barn Aid.
  • Return up High Ridges.
  • Stay right at intersection of Gray Pine Trail onto Bald Mountain Fireroad.
  • Stay left on Bald Mountain at intersection with Red Mountain Trail.
  • Left onto Lower Bald Mountain.
  • Right on Single Track towards Visitor Center.
  • Right on Adobe Canyon Road.
  • Left onto Panorama Creek Trail.
  • Left on Adobe Canyon Road.


Enter Goodspeed Aid.

See Map 2.


  • Exit Goodspeed Aid onto Goodspeed/Nattkemp Trail.
  • Bear right onto Sun Trail, proceed to Hood Mountain Aid.


Enter Hood Mountain Aid.


  • Leave Hood Mountain Aid on Hood Mountain Fireroad.
  • Follow Hood Mountain Fireroad to Los Alamos Aid.


Enter Los Alamos Aid at Los Alamos Trailhead.


  • Exit Los Alamos Aid on Hood Mountain Fireroad.
  • Turn hard left onto Summit Trail.
  • Follow Summit Trail to Hood Mountain Aid.


Enter Hood Mountain Aid.


  • Exit Hood Mountain Aid onto Panorama Ranch Fireroad.
  • Hard Left onto Pond Trail.
  • Hard right onto Valley View Trail.
  • Right onto Upper Johnson Trail.
  • Right onto Hood Mountain Firetrail.
  • Straight onto Nattkemp/Goodspeed Trail.
  • Proceed to Goodspeed Aid.



Enter Goodspeed Aid.


See Map 1.


  • Leave Goodspeed right uphill on Los Alamos Road.
  • Bear Left on Pony Gate Trail.
  • Right onto Stern Trail.
  • Right onto Los Alamos Canyon Rd.
  • Hard left at Visitor Center.
  • Left into Camping Area to the finish.


Enter the FINISH AREA!