Hi Everyone!

Thank you for a great day of running today. For your logs and reference, today’s run is described down below. For tomorrow (Sunday), we’ll run the Redwood Regional section of the course.

Once gain, these are informal runs, which means that there will be ‘support’ but not full aid stations. This means that we’ll be sending a car ahead to intersections to provide aid, but they’ll serve you there. We don’t have a permit to setup full aid stations and the parks are very touchy about it. at least one bottle for Sunday and some calories.

I’ll have maps for everyone and will repeat the instructions. You are welcome to team up with other runners and create your own training day. Otherwise, we’re going to try to stick together, waiting at key junctions. If all goes well, I’ll get to run with you. If all goes poorly, you can tell me about it on Saturday night at my house!


Sunday is much easier. We’re going to run the Redwood Regional Park section of the course. It’s a little more than 10.5 miles. Meet at Skyline Gate at 8. Here are directions.

Here are turn-by-turn instructions.

Here is the map of our run:



NEWS! The West Shore trail is closed for repair for the next two weeks. It’s open on race day but not this weekend. Because of this, we’re going to run down on the old course, out towards Honker Bay. You have two options. One is to go all the way to Big Bear for a shade over 23 miles. The other is to turn around at Bort, which is 17. Here’s the map. Click here for Turn-by-Turn directions.

We meet at the Marina at 8. Click here for directions. Walk into the snack bar. We’ll meet on the lawn there.

Click on the map to see it up close and to print out.

Option 1. Run to Bort

last aid total
Start 0 0
Redwood Road 2.6 2.6
Marciel Rd 3.6 6.2
Bort 3.1 9.3
Grass Valley 2.1 11.4
Finish 6.1 17.5 Via Honker Bay


Option 2. Run to Big Bear

Start 0 0
Redwood Road 2.6 2.6
Marciel Rd 3.6 6.2
Bort 3.1 9.3
Big Bear 2.8 12.1
Bort 2.8 14.9
Grass Valley 2.1 17
Finish 6.1 23.1 Via Honker Bay