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Each Aid Station will be supported by several volunteers eager to assist you in making the most of your experience.

All aid stations will be well-stocked with all the treats runners love to help them get through the day, including fresh fruit, chips, gels, potatoes and salt, candy, cookies, soda, water, sports drink, and other assorted goodies.

The aid stations will also have ice, sponges, and water buckets to help runners cool down. A pop-up tent for shade and some chairs will be available should you really need a moment to relax before continuing on.

There are no drop bags or pacers in the Golden Hills Marathon.

The elevation is 4,250 ft.

There is no crew access for the Golden Hills Marathon.

last aid total distance 
Start 0 0
Chabot Staging 5.1 5.1no crew
Bellhurst Lane 4.2 9.3no crew
Chabot Staging 4.2 13.5no crew
Marciel Rd 2.7 46.3no crew 
Marciel Rd * 5.7 22no crew
Finish 4.5 26.5 driving directions

* Note: there is a water source on the edge of the trail on Brandon approximately .5 miles from Marciel, so the space between available water in this section is 4.7 miles.