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3/29/2024 The 2024 Course! The race is set for this year. After waiting through the Winter to see what nature may bring us, it seems that we can return to the West Shore Trail so Skyline is once again a loop. Or loopish, I guess. Or a figure 8, kinda sorta. The one new thing will be in Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park. It seems that the West Ridge Trail/Toyon section of the old course is permanently gone. Instead, the course will come down Canyon, back to Bridal Trail. Go to the Skyline page and click on Course at the top of the page to see it all.

12/7/2023 We’re getting ready for 2024! I’ve usually created a new blog for each race but starting this year, I’ll just build on top of the 2023 race. A lot of the info is evergreen.

Here’s some immediate news, though. I’m working on the courses for 2024. Right now, we’re planning to return to a course that is similar to recent years. It will be a counter clockwise loop. The one change is that the race will drop back to the Stream Trail at Canyon. For those of you with Strava, here’s a link. I’m working to refresh the website COURSE info in the coming days.

End of 2023 Blog

8/4/2023 Belatedly, here’s the digital briefing from Wednesday night!

8/2 Some tiny changes in the position of the aid station in Redwood Regional Park. We are moving just about .25 miles up the Stream Trail to the Old Church Campground. This will make room for day trippers at Fern Dell Aid. This is shown on the revised turn-by-turn instructions and also in the Aid Station information on the website.

7/31 The RBO Challenge is back! Help us give to RBO. Our aim is to raise (at least) $1,000 to support this great organization that helps Oakland kids of all ages to improve their health, get out running and improve their community!

To learn more about RBO and the fundraiser, check out this blog post. Or simply give by clicking the button below.

7/30 Race Week Schedule!
It’s race time! Here are a few things to remember and plan for this race week:

  • August 2, 7pm Digital Briefing. This takes place on Zoom (we send the link if you’re registered) and on Facebook
  • August 5, 2pm – 5pm Bib pickup at Sport’s Basement Berkeley (2727 Milvia), presented by Almanac Brewing. Come pickup your bib and have a taste of Almanac Beer. Not a beer drinker? The first 50 runners receive a 4-pack of More Life Hopwater. It’s non-alcoholic and zero calorie.
  • August 6, 6am Race Day! Bib pickup and registration opens for all race. You can pickup until and through the start of the races.

7/24: Packet pickup/beer update! Great news. We will be serving tastes of beer from Almanac Brewing to registered runners. There will also be special onsite discounts to Beer City Alameda. Bring your friends!

7/3: Sponsor Update: We are happy to welcome some new faces to our sponsor-world for the race this year. The big one is the addition of Almanac Brewing, which comes to us by way of Beer City. We will be serving Almanac Beer and their non-alcoholic hop water, More Life, at the race and at packet pickup!

For packet pickup, we also have a new sponsor for 2023. Welcome back Sports Basement! We will host bib pickup on Saturday 8/5 from 2pm – 5pm at their Berkeley Store (2727 Milvia). Runners will receive discounts of up to 20% on all gear when they show their bib.

We welcome back Skratch as our hydration partner, Gu as our gel/nutrition partner, and Tecnu as our skin wellness partner!

6/21 Adding this info for the Half which will now be an out-and-back to Deer Canyon Trail on Brandon. This is a pretty cool run actually, if you put aside the out-and-backness of it. Here’s a link to the map and turn-by-turn. Here’s a link to the Strava chart. Updating the COURSE section of now.

6/20 We are making some small tweaks to the revised maps to make sure the distances for the 50k race are right. Here’s the most current map with turn-by-turn instructions. The Strava from the 6/15 blog post is accurate. Here’s that link again.

Also today I updated content around the aid station splits (link) and published the elevation profile (link) You can also find this stuff by clicking on COURSE on the Skyline 50k page.

6/15 COURSE UPDATE: We have been biding our time for the West Shore Trail to open in Lake Chabot Regional Park. Now that we are 6 weeks from race day, we are publishing an alternate course. The course is an out-and-back on the Eastern side of Lake Chabot, following the course from the last few years. There will be an abbreviated loop in Redwood Regional, going up Tres Sendas to Starflower to French and then down Mill.

Here are some links to the course that’s currently being considered by the Park. Here’s a Strava chart. Also, here’s a pdf with turn-by-turn instructions. Once this information is approved — if not before — we will update all the information on our site with aid stations, distances, etc.

For those of you in the half-marathon, the course is also an out-and-back, with the turnaround on Brandon Trail.