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7/30 Registration is closed. Watch your email for the race briefing. See you at Golden Squirrel on Saturday from 2-5pm for bib pickup (directions). If you can’t see us there, there’s bib pickup on race morning, starting at 5:30AM.

7/29 Introducing the Scena/Skyline Challenge. We are matching up to $500 in donations to Running for a Better Oakland! Learn more here.

7/23 Here are resources from the Race Briefing. First is the edited video.

Next are the links to the Google Earth Project I used in the presentation:

And versions of the course in GMAP Pedometer


Half Marathon

7/21: Reminder that our Zoom race briefing is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 7/22 at 7pm. The briefing will be beamed live to Facebook at this link, or you can join in the Scena Zoom room here. A recorded version will be available on our website and on Facebook after the event.

7/6 So this is 40…Skyline Endurance Run is one of the oldest continuously running 50k’s in the US and this year, we are glad to welcome in our 40th Anniversary. Skyline was my first 50k, as it has been for many people and when I became race director, every previous RD showed up for my first running. I will have a longer-form reflection in the coming week for two. For now, the thing to know is that the race will offer a finisher’s medal for the first time. This will go along with the first live running of our half marathon. As far as awards go, we’ll continue the tradition of awarding special chips for our 5, 10, 15, and (yes) 20-year runners. On that last score, Joe Swenson will be going for his 21’s this year! So, with 40, things are still fresh and new. Skyline Endurance Run – always giving something. – Adam Ray

7/3 We are inside of our 30-day window for deferrals, as spelled out in our FAQ’s and Policies.


6/22/2021 GREAT NEWS! East Bay Regional Parks has given us the green light to race! We will are now clearning the waitlist. If you’re on the waitlist, we will give you 48 hours to accept your invitation. Until that time we will still be accepting more waitlist entries. Friday AM we will open registration for first come, first serve if we have capacity.5/14/2021 WAITLIST! We have been in waitlist mode for a few weeks now. Sorry I didn’t update the blog! For those of you waiting, it is likely that we won’t be adding athletes until after June 16, when the current State lockdown directive expires. Until then, the East Bay Regional Parks aren’t given guidance on our field size. Sorry! We will update the blog as we get more information.

4/15/2021 Things seem to be getting clearer on the Covid-19 front, enough so that we are growing our field size. I’ve expanded the 50k to be 150 athletes. Since the half marathon starts at a different time, I’m putting a preliminary cap at 50 though that will likely grow too.

3/9/2021 I almost forgot this blog post was here. We can start using it to update the 2021 race. Registration has been open for a few months with a limit of 100 athletes. This last weekend we hit that cap and right now everyone goes to the waitlist. My hope is that we will be able to have a race that will be quite a bit bigger than 100 athletes, with wave starts and the like.

More importantly, the trails are great! I’ve been out the last few weeks running sections of the course. I can’t wait for Summer and for us all to be out there together.

6/22/2020 Alameda County has been gradually opening its shelter in place order but it’s not at the point where we can ensure Skyline 50k or complete our USATF sanctioning. For this reason, we’ve decided to move Skyline 50k to run on the same day as Dick Collins Firetrails, on September 26. This special SKYFIRE edition of the two races should be fun and exciting. Watch this space in the coming days as I give you more updates about the course and timing.