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8/30 – Course news: The East Bay Regional Parks have made Willow View Trail unavailable to us on race day. This means that the course for both races will now go for a mile down Redwood Road to Proctor Trail. The course will also go down Cameron Loop. New maps are under the Course tab. Click on Aid Stations under the Course tab to see the distances, cutoffs, pacer notes, and driving directions.

I’ve got to say this is a bit of a disappointment. Willow View is an absolute dream of a trail and I recommend that everyone go out and run it sometime.

The other news is that this changes the elevation profile of each of the races quite a bit. There was about 1,200 of vertical because of the Willow View section. This means that Dick Collins is now 7,000 ft and Bay Ridge 100k is 8,500.

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