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When we revived Dick Collins Firetrails in 2017, I didn’t really feel comfortable using the Golden Hills Marathon name. I have run the race a number of times and felt like it was distinguished as a point-to-point race, not just the ‘fun run’ that goes on the same time as the Firetrails 50. But we did have a marathon, which was an out-and-back from Chabot Marina, “L’Petite Dick Collins Marathon” or the Little Dick, with French added by Christine Chapon. Some thought it was funny. I know a couple of people thought it was in poor taste.

When we moved to Cull Canyon last year, I thought that a marathon was just too much to pull off. Even though much of the course was the same, whenever you move to a new venue, you introduce a lot of new variables and it just seemed like it was better to err on the side of caution.

But people have continued to ask about a marathon of any sort, and as I navel-gazed over during the Winter, I thought it was time to go all in and create a race in the old Golden Hills mold, based in part on some comments that Kristine Barrios made to me at the Scena Awards, and some stories she told about running the old course with Ann Trason herself.

And so it’s back! I asked Karen Hanke to make new logos for all the events based on her old design for Firetrails. They look cool!

The new course will mean that everyone gets to ride the bus just like in the old days. Now everyone will leave from Canyon Middle School. The start will be in Huckleberry Regional Park. After a little out-and-back to get the distance right, runners will ramble through Skyline Gate and then head all the way home.

So that’s the story! Firetrails is one step closer to her former glory!