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September 25: Preliminary Results. The results from yesterday are online (and were out there on race day, live too). Take a peak. We usually take a few days to post the official results as we fix little things that were missed. Here’s that link again.

September 22:

Headlamps! I’ve had a few questions about them for the 50m start. There will be the new Bellhurst Headlamp Cozy (or Koozy) where you can drop your headlamps and get them on the way back through. Make sure to mark yours an expect you’ll need to grab it on your own.

Entrants lists are back! Click here. I’ve removed the link to our Google list but left the post about it here as a piece of our collective history.

September 20: Thank you to Angie Woolman for pointing out that the Entrants list is down on Ultrasignup. I’ve created a spreadsheet so that you can see all that information. Here’s a link to it. I’ll add the bib numbers today as well for those of you creating drop bags and needing a bib number.

September 19: And just like that, it’s race week. I will try to do more of the race briefing in the blog this year, so you have it all in one space. With that here’s the LIVE FEED UPDATE. We will once again have live results of the race this year, with a webcast for both the 50m and the Marathon.

Here’s the link to the Firetrails Live Feed.

For the 50m, there are timing points at Bellhurst Lane, Lake Chabot, Clyde Woolridge, and Skyline Gate (then Clyde Wooldridge, Lake Chabot, Bellhurst and finish on the way home. Here is a link to the Aid Stations so you can see the mileage points, crew access, etc.

For the Golden Hills Marathon, there are timing points at Clyde Wooldridge, Lake Chabot, Bellhurst, and the Finish. Here’s the link to the Aid Stations for mileage points.

Right now, you’ll notice no one is in the system! We’ll wait until after registration closes this week to put you all in. Full disclosure: this platform changes a little every time we use it (for the better). In some past versions, I’ve found it a little difficult to track the live race on my phone but if you stick with it, you can find your runner easily enough. It’s good enough that last year some runner families used it to time their arrival from Santa Rosa!

September 15: Here’s the race briefing from last night!

September 12: A note on finishers’ gifts. As of this year, we have discontinued the wine glass as a finisher’s gift. The cost of the glasses is prohibitive. There’s sure to be disappointment over this but all the costs for the gifts that we take for granted are up dramatically because of supply chain and inflation. At the same time, we have added gifts like medals over time that are also spendy now. The wine glass is particular has become a luxury. In future years, we might be able to add it back.

September 8: Ok, time to talk about something that’s not the training camp! Let’s get onto the race week schedule. Actually earlier than race week. The virtual briefing will be next week! Here’s the rought schedule:

Wednesday, September 14 7pm: Virtual Briefing on Zoom and Facebook. If you are registered you will get the link. Anyone can watch on Facebook here.

Friday, September 23, 2 – 5pm: Bib pickup and picture taking (YES YOU CAN STILL GET YOUR BIB RACE MORNING) at the Golden Squirrel on College Ave (directions)

Saturday, September 24:

  • 5am: Gates open
  • 6am: Firetrails 50 starts
  • 7:15am: Golden Hills Marathon bus leaves for Chabot Space and Science Center (yes, you can leave things on the bus. Yes, you can just be dropped at Chabot Space and Science Center)
  • 8am: Golden Hills Marathon starts at Chabot Space and Science (directions)

September 4. Ok, more on the rescheduled training runs. They will be on September 17 and 18 and be shorter since we are just a week out. Instead of one last big weekend, we’ll focus on doing a preview of key sections of the course — the Cull Canyon section to and through Dinosaur Ridge on Saturday. On Sunday, we’ll run around MacDonald Grade.

September 2. EBRPD and EBMUD have announced that all the trails in our Sunday/Monday runs are closed because of heat and fire. The runs this weekend are postponed. Runners, we will offer an alternative for the weekend of Sept. 17. Stand by while we work on those plans.

August 31. We will run on both Sunday and Monday, starting at 7am (instead of 7:30am). I will stick around to make sure that anyone late gets a proper send-off.

Start places are:

Sunday 7am: Cull Canyon Recreation Area (link for directions). The gates may or may not be open. If they are closed, don’t panic! We will all be parked on the street. There is plenty of room and it’s safe.

Monday 7am: Lake Chabot Marina (link for directions). You can park in the lot for Lake Chabot or on the street. We meetup in front of the cafe by the marina.

On Sunday there will be marking with pink ribbons at:

> The intersection with the fire trail to Dinosaur Ridge and the turn to the downhill that bypasses the peak at Dinosaur Ridge.
> The intersection of Brandon Trail and Willow View
> The turn onto Proctor Trail from Brandon on Redwood Road (Note: this turn isn’t mentioned in the briefing)

Here’s a link to the Strava for Sunday. Here is the GPX file.

On Monday, there will be marks at turn down Jackson Grade, at Bort Meadow, and on the turn up to West Ridge and the connection to Bridle. Here’s the link to Strava for Monday. Here is the GPX file.

Remember you can get turn-by-turn instructions on the Firetrails site (link) under ‘Course.’ Here’s the link to maps and instructions for the entire course. Here is the link to the GPX for the entire course.

Aid/water on both Sunday and Monday is about 3 miles apart. On Monday, there’s are a few 4.5 to 5 mile stretches (from MacDonald Gate to Stream Trail).

Here’s the briefing!

August 25. Training Camp is on September 4 and 5. (Sunday and Monday).

There is a briefing at 5:30pm on August 31. The briefing is on Zoom (link) and Facebook (live.) The recorded version appears on the Firetrails blog (link) after the session is over, usually the next morning.

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Dick Collins Firetrails 2022

  1. Angela Tambi


    I would like confirmation that the golden hills marathon is still a sanctioned UTMB qualifying race under their 50K category. This would fulfill my goal for a UTMB race in 2023. Otherwise, I will need to find another event if the golden hills marathon will not be recognized by the UTMB organization.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience so I can plan accordingly.
    I look forward to meeting my objective with this race.


    • Adam Ray

      Yes, Angela. This is why we say the race is certified on the website.

      UTMB has had some challenges with their system. It’s not clear to me that they properly display the certified races on their end. But we are one.

      The 50-mile race counts as a 100k and the Marathon (as you suggest) is a 50k in their books.

  2. Amy Wong

    Do you have info on volunteering? I signed up awhile back but I haven’t received any information yet. Thank you!

  3. Angie Woolman

    I am wondering when the entrants names will be back up on ultra signup. Is this something you requested?, or is there something internal going on that they are fixing? As it so happens, I never was able to see the entrants, even tho I signed up mainly to help my prospects for the PAUSATF standings. I will be going slowly as I have competed a bit too much this season. I would like to see the entrants for multiple reasons: Carpooling, friends names, my age group entrants, and club teammates who might also be entering. Any way to remedy this?
    Thank you Adam, I can’t wait to see you at the Golden Squirrel!
    Angie Woolman

  4. Paul

    Are headlamps required/recommended for the start of the 50 mile and if so, is there a drop box for them shortly into the race? Or will we need to hold onto them until Lake Chabot AS where they would be returned to the finish at around 5:30pm?

  5. Gabe Norwood

    Hi Adam, thanks for putting on a great race! I had forgotten to pick up my T-shirt and Hoodie after the race and wonder if you had any left in men’s medium. I could Venmo you the postage etc. I was Bib#583
    Thanks either way for the great race.


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