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By Adam Ray / December 7, 2023

Ongoing Reflections

Pinned intro: I'm creating this blog of blogs here as a place to catch different things as they come up....

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Blog and updates, Skyline 50k, Ultrarunning
By Adam Ray / December 5, 2023

Skyline Endurance Run

12/7/2023 We're getting ready for 2024! I've usually created a new blog for each race but starting this year, I'll...

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Blog and updates, Dick Collins Firetrails, Firetrails 50, Golden Hills Marathon, Ultrarunning
By Adam Ray / August 15, 2023

Dick Collins Firetrails

12/15 Ticking over to 2024. I'm going to keep the same blog and just add to it for this year's...

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By Adam Ray / March 25, 2023

Napa Valley Endurance Run 2023

Live RESULTS: This is where they will be tomorrow. April 15: Bib pickup is today at Lincoln Ave Brewing...

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Dick Collins Firetrails, Ultrarunning
By Adam Ray / September 12, 2022

Dick Collins Firetrails 2022

September 25: Preliminary Results. The results from yesterday are online (and were out there on race day, live too). Take...

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By Adam Ray / July 12, 2022

Skyline Stories

Todd Gleiden SKYLINE STORY: Todd Gleiden remembers his first 50k at Skyline. *** 2013 was the year for my first...

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By Adam Ray / April 11, 2022

Napa Valley Endurance Run 2022

TIMELESS NOTE: There is an entire blog thread from the November running, which includes a link to the race briefing....

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By Adam Ray / March 16, 2022

Beer City Half

3/17 Thanks for joining the briefing. Here's the recorded version. 3/16 Our Zoom briefing is tonight at 7pm. You...

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Napa Valley Endurance Run, Ultrarunning
By Adam Ray / October 26, 2021

Napa Valley Endurance Run 2021

11/29 Thanks for racing with us! The preliminary results are here (they've been on our site since race day but...

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Bay Ridge 100k, Dick Collins Firetrails, Firetrails 50, Golden Hills Marathon
By Adam Ray / September 10, 2021

Dick Collins Firetrails 2021

Welcome to the Firetrails blog -- home for race updates, timely info, and more. (scroll down to a list of...

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